Palisades Kitchen Re-imagined

    This was another kitchen that was in dire need of an overhaul.  Everything was horribly mismatched and the space just felt so tight and confined.  Lighting was an unspoken nightmare in this kitchen as well.  We custom built all the cabinetry and shelving, installed new windows, one of which we also custom built, and completely overhauled the lighting, both artificial and natural.  It doesn’t even look like the same room.  We also custom designed and built a skylight for the home, allowing the rooms to feel larger and more open.

    “My wife and I feel very lucky to have had Paul North as our contractor.  Both of us have done several kitchen remodels in the past and we know the complexity of the work. Paul not only brought his considerable skills to the job but he also brought his artist eye and great professionalism.  I’ve told Paul he is welcome to have potential clients talk with us about our experience.  We hope that he will since we look forward to bragging about the quality of work done.”

    – Bob & Marie –